UVIMCO invests the endowment and other long-term funds held by the University and its associated organizations in the Long Term Pool, which is custom-managed for the endowment spending requirements and risk tolerance of the University. UVIMCO also manages the Short Term Pool for the University and associated organizations with near-term liquidity needs. 


Attributes and principles that define our culture

We value integrity, collaboration, excellence, and intellectual honesty. We demonstrate a true passion for investment management and serve the University of Virginia in all that we do.


Desired future state

Our vision is for UVIMCO to be the preeminent university endowment investment office in the world. We will achieve this goal through the generation of superior investment returns, maintaining an exceptional reputation in our industry, and serving as a true partner to UVA.

The Long Term Pool’s value totaled $14.5 billion and the Short Term Pool's value totaled $161.2 million* as of June 30, 2021. The investor composition of the Long and Short Term Pools as of June 30th are as shown in the chart below.